DIRTY HALO: read an excerpt

You know the funny thing about fairy tales? You never see what happens to the pretty scullery maid after she rides off into the sunset with a dashing prince in a gold-plated carriage and shacks up in his castle. 

Fade to black. Roll credits. 
And they lived happily ever after.
Or… did they?
How are we so damn certain the minute that maid steps foot in that unfamiliar fortress, she doesn’t realize what a monumental mistake she’s made? Why are we so sure the prince doesn’t reveal himself to be a total prick once the haze of lust has cleared from her head? What if instead of a happy ending, the pretty maid spends the next thirty-odd years wishing she’d never met her goddamned fairy godmother in the first place?
I know what you’re going to say.
But the jewelry! The clothes! The handsome prince with his handsome steed! 
Spare me. 
I, for one, would rather spend the rest of my days scrubbing floors than find myself stuck in some stuffy castle surrounded by stodgy rich people, forcing a fake smile for six long, flavorless courses. 
But nobody asked what I wanted. 
Nobody gave me a choice in the matter when they pulled me from my life and dragged my size six, donut-loving ass through the castle gates, into a destiny I thought I’d successfully dodged.  
That fairy tale ending? 
I’m living it.
And I’m here to tell you…
It fucking sucks.